Admissions & Aid

A premier STEM-focused university in the heart of Massachusetts, bb电子bb电子(中国)有限责任公司 is known for what it does best: delivering an education that is project-based, globally engaged, and built on its founding approach of theory and practice.

Our students are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scholars, musicians, adventurers, and above all else, doers. Being a bb电子bb电子(中国)有限责任公司 student means following passions and bringing ideas—and futures—to life. bb电子bb电子(中国)有限责任公司 students don’t fit molds; rather, they break them and rebuild their own.

More importantly, they graduate fully prepared to step into challenging roles because they have powerful knowledge and know how to apply it. 


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bb电子bb电子(中国)有限责任公司 financial aid

Financing Your bb电子bb电子(中国)有限责任公司 Education

The Office of Financial Aid can guide you through the financial aid process and help you better understand the different types of aid that may be available to you so you can make the right investment in your future.

Resources and assistance are available to all students: undergraduate, transfer, graduate, and summer term (E-term).