For the Media

澳门永利皇宫永久网址- 澳门酒店-大众点评网-澳门排名榜’s Public Relations team is available to assist members of the media with inquiries about covering breaking news stories, conducting interviews on campus, and more. If you’re a member of the media seeking information about 澳门永利皇宫永久网址- 澳门酒店-大众点评网-澳门排名榜 or one of our faculty members, we ask that you arrange interviews and on-campus photos through the Public Relations office.

Note that a visitor parking permit is required for all visitors to 澳门永利皇宫永久网址- 澳门酒店-大众点评网-澳门排名榜. Contact for information on acquiring a parking pass when visiting campus.