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Welcome to Goat Nation, be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 parents, families, and caregivers! We hope this will be your go-to page whenever you have a question about be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 or finding the resources you need to be an empathetic, effective, caring support system for your student.

Our Philosophy
  • Preparing your student for the realities of the adult world by helping them improve their professional skills and knowledge, as well as working to provide them with an appropriate level of support while also helping them learn to function as an independent adult.
  • Supporting them through the reality check that may come when they may not be the smartest person in the room like they were in high school. At some point, most students wonder if they’re cut out for be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜, but trust us: they’re resoundingly meant to be here. Many students take time to adjust to be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜’s 7-week terms and the pace of learning—you can help by reinforcing that they can absolutely succeed at be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 and encouraging them to ask for help from the many supports available to them.
  • Encouraging your student to take risks—and maybe fail a little—as they stretch themselves, take risks, and push themselves outside their comfort zones. That’s what be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜’s curriculum was designed for, and this risk-taking culture sometimes also means trying, stumbling, and growing. We expect little trip-ups here and there, and you can help them through them by reinforcing that it’s okay to stumble once in a while, that perfection is not expected, and that there are various resources in place to help them.
  • Helping your student help themselves by empowering them to take ownership for reaching out to professors, communicating with teammates, and setting the course for their academic and cocurricular experience. We’ve been doing this for a long time; trust us when we say it’s best for you to fight the urge to do things for them. Help them do it instead of doing it for them. We want to work with your student to address any questions or concerns rather than you as a parent or caregiver. It’s not because we’re putting up a wall; it’s because we want your student to grow and learn.
  • Reminding you and your student that college is different than high school. In high school, you probably could have seen your student’s grades, check in with their teachers, or even known your student’s schedule. In college, students are the ones who decide whether you see their grades, and professors and support staff will want to talk to them directly. It may be different than you’re used to, but it’s all part of helping your student grow into the capable adult they’re meant to be.
  • If your student is really struggling, we want to know. You know your student best, and you know when things aren’t okay. If you’re worried, call the Dean of Students Office at 508-831-5201 or fill out the I’m Concerned About a Student Form to let be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜’s Care team know.

Parent Resources

be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 has many resources, events, services, and offices that help parents navigate be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 to find the information they need. We offer programs designed to help your student succeed, both academically and in their out-of-class life. Check out the Parent Resources section for more information, and feel free to share these and other resources with your student if they need some guidance.

Important Dates to Know

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An academic advisor meets with a student.
Staff members gather at the Student Services desk.
A staff member mentors a student at a table.
An admissions associate smiles with two red "Ask me!" signs held up in the background.
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Student Support Systems on Campus

From tutoring and academic support, mental health resources, and financial assistance to navigating internship and job searches, the staff and faculty at be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 are ready to help your student succeed. In addition to general campus assistance, each student is assigned a few advisors throughout their time at be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 to provide direct support. Students may locate these advisors’ names and contact information in Workday under “Important Contacts” in the “Academics” section.


Primary Advisor

This faculty member teaches in your student’s major and can help guide them through course selection and finding a Major Qualifying Project (MQP) for senior year, as well as offer advice about careers and internships.

Academic Support Advisor

This full-time advising professional helps your student in choosing classes that meet degree requirements outside of their major (major requirements are outlined in the tracking sheet for your student’s major), as well as support with test taking, organization, and academic accountability.

Community Director

If your student lives on campus, there’s a full-time Community Director who oversees your student’s residence hall. They supervise resident advisors (students who oversee the floor where your student lives), help support community development in the halls, and support overall resident health and safety.

Accessibility Staff Member

If your student works with the Office of Accessibility Services, they also have an assigned staff member who can help them access accommodations while providing guidance and coaching.

See something missing? Can’t find an answer?

Drop a note and let us know what you’re looking for so we can make this site even more helpful for you and other families and caregivers.

Have You...

  • Talked to your student about how often and through what means you’ll communicate while they’re at school?
  • Helped your student enroll in or waive student health insurance?
  • Set up a direct deposit for eRefunds?
  • Determined what permissions your student wants to grant you in the be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 Parent Portal?
  • Had a discussion with your student about how you hope they’ll manage opportunities to consume alcohol/drugs?
  • Talked with your student about available medical or mental health supports they may need or want to access while at college?


  • Supported your student in completing their financial aid documents and accepting their offer?
  • Gathered your student’s important documents (social security card, birth certificate, etc.) for tax forms for on-campus jobs?
  • Viewed your semester charges (if available)?
  • Reviewed the costs for your student’s IQP experience and planned accordingly?
  • Reviewed your payment options and/or set up a no-interest payment plan?
  • Considered tuition insurance to supplement be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜’s withdrawal policy?
  • Explored educational opportunities offered for be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 parents? 

Is Your Student Looking to Get Involved?

College is just as much about what students do outside the classroomthat's why we've got 235+ student clubs. What's even better is our location: Worcester offers a wide variety of events and activities, so many that we put together a list of 100 of our favorites. Check it out below, and encourage your student to follow be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜 and the Student Activities Office on Instagram to help them stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

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Join us in cheering on be365注册_be365手机版-apple app store排行榜's athletics teams! Check out their website for the latest game schedules, and we'll see you in the stands!

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