Resources for pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store Researchers

biomedical engineering laboratory
pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store's VPR Office manages this site, which provides resources that facilitate faculty and staff research and scholarship and the submission of high-quality, highly competitive proposals. Our goal is to provide assistance to all faculty and staff, improve funding success and grow the research enterprise.

Academic and Research Computing

As part of the Academic and Research Computing resources, pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store researchers have access to a robust computing infrastructure, fully equipped laboratories and facilities, and up-to-date scientific and engineering software applications as well as knowledgeable staff. Researchers at pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store are encouraged to consider data storage needs early in the research process, and to contact ARC to discuss specific storage requirements and strategies. 

Office of Commercialization Technology

The Office of Technology Commercialization at pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store identifies, evaluates, values, protects, classifies, markets, and licenses the intellectual property  developed by pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store researchers and other significant users of pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store resources.


pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store provides an array of resources to help faculty and students conduct research safely and in accordance with established guidelines and regulatory requirements.

George C. Gordon Library 

Find rich digital collections of research and information to inform and guide your literature reviews and proposals.  Take advantage of expert consultation and tools for identifying grant opportunities and literature, managing citations, and curating your online presence for accuracy and findability by reviewers and grantors.

Research Solutions Institute

The Research Solutions Institute is designed to help all pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store faculty researchers form teams, prepare for funding opportunities, and develop winning proposals as they pursue solutions to society’s most important and pressing challenges.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs partners with pg游戏双喜临门|pg电子官方稳赢版下载v1.1.1 -apple app store's faculty and staff throughout the life cycle of a sponsored research project.  This includes proposal development and review, award negotiation and acceptance as well as guidance throughout the award.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship center focuses on helping students’ innovative ideas turn into reality through seed funding, mentoring, workshops, and networking programs. We teach students the basics of entrepreneurial mindset with hands on learning by supporting the development of their innovative idea and guiding them through foundational skill-building techniques that will result in making an impact for the greater good.