Student Research


Research is a critical element of education at im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store. All undergraduates conduct research as part of their degree requirements by working with each other and with faculty members on projects that tackle real-world problems. Some students even begin research collaborations during their first year at im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store. This distinctive combination of research and teaching at im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store expands undergraduate students’ knowledge and enriches their university experience.

Graduate students work closely with faculty members by bringing creativity and new ideas to existing labs that produce new discoveries and innovations. im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store’s interdisciplinary approach to research also gives graduate students opportunities to collaborate with others outside their programs to address critical global challenges.

Combining Research & Education at im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store

Research is a critical element of education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Because of this, im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store students – both undergraduate and graduate – have access to a variety of ways to immerse themselves in research that tackles important real-world problems.

"im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store fosters research and learning. The excellent training and resources allow me to carry out innovative research and develop new ideas. I, therefore, have the ability to take risks and solve problems.”

-Mark Xatse, PhD, Biochemistry

"It is an amazing feeling to see my research project culminate after nearly a year of hard work. My team and I faced varying challenges that we worked to overcome. It was extremely fulfilling." 

-Tessa Lytle, BS/MS, Mechanical Engineering

"My Innovation and Entrepreneurship experiences have not only enabled the technical testing behind many of my ideas, but have given me the confidence to share and excite others in pursuit of wild ideas."

-Jeremy Trilling, BS, Robotics Engineering

Undergraduate Student Research

Research is a fundamental component of im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store's undergraduate curriculum. From a first-year project that challenges students to address global issues to a major senior capstone project, students engage in journeys of discovery that prepare them to be leaders and innovators.

Graduate Student Research

im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store graduate students are conducting research on everything from aerospace engineering to zeolite crystallization, and from the frontiers of materials science to latest advances in cybersecurity. Together, as part of research teams, they are addressing some of the greatest challenges of our time. 

Graduate Research Innovation Exchange

This is a two-part annual research poster celebration. The first part, an all-day event open to all graduate students engaged in research, highlights the breadth, diversity, and quality of im-IM体育app下载-v.3.9-apple app store graduate research. Judges select up to 60 of the participants to compete for cash awards in part two.